Will my bunting come with the flags buttoned to the tapes?

Yes, but feel free to change them around if you wish.

Can you divide up the total length of bunting I’ve hired into specific lengths? My marquee needs 13 metre lengths to decorate?

Yes just lets us know in advance and we’ll supply bunting in the correct lengths with our fasteners at each end. If you are not sure, talk to us and we’ll be delighted to advise.

Can I hang your bunting outside?

Well, yes but be aware that if it rains, the bunting is not waterproof and you will not be able to return wet bunting without penalty. However, if is does get a little damp, then just leave in hanging to dry and it will be fine.

Can I hang fairy lights twisted into the bunting?

Yes, however allow extra time when taking it down to untangle!

Can you supply samples of the fabrics so that I can check for colour matching?

Yes, we keep a supply of sample fabric for this very reason.

If I want bespoke bunting, how much notice do I need to give?

As much time as possible! We will always do our very best to help and the more time the better. For bunting that is not in stock, we will need at least 4 weeks to source and manufacture.

Can I mix standard flags with premium flags?

Yes you can, but be aware that the ivory and white range are ideally suited to white tapes and standard bunting is supplied with natural tape.

I love your bunting so much, I would love to keep some for my home. Can I buy some from you before I return it?

Yes of course you can. Please see our price list on the website or speak to us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions